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Maths in our Schools

The teaching of mathematics in our schools ensures that fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills are developed in every learning opportunity. We recognise the importance of maths in our daily lives and help our children to:

  • learn the skills of arithmetic, geometry and measure that these can be used in everyday life and developed later for the specific demands of a particular career.
  • develop problem-solving and reasoning skills that are so vital in day-to-day life
  • recognise Mathematics and mathematical thinking as a life skill
  • develop creative thinking skills – an invaluable skill in every subject area
  •  develop an ability to use and apply Mathematics skills across the curriculum

Click here to find out more about the maths curriculum we teach in our schools.

We use a DfE approved scheme, Power Maths, to deliver our mathematics curriculum in our schools.

Please look at the 'Learn-Its' below too- these set out the expectations for each year group- your child needs to know these compulsory Learn-Its!