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North Walsham Junior,Infant School and Nursery Federation

Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our schools!


Picture 1 Mrs J Read, Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Finch, Executive Deputy Head
Picture 3 Mrs Wyant, Inclusion Leader for the Federation
Picture 4 Mrs Bristow, Year 6 Leader
Picture 5 Mrs Hunt, Year 5 Leader
Picture 6 Mrs McGuinness, Year 4 Leader
Picture 7 Mrs Lentz, Year 3 Leader
Picture 8 Mrs Hallam, KS1 Leader
Picture 9 Mrs Seymour, EYFS Leader
Picture 10 Ms Dyckhoff, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Picture 11 Mrs Long, Nurture Support
Picture 12 Miss Nixon, Nursery Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs Dack, Reception Teacher
Picture 14 Miss Clayton, Reception Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Sims, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 16 Mr Smith, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 17 Miss Stearman, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 18 Mr Morgan, Year 2 Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs Price, Year 2 Teacher
Picture 20 Mrs Tibble, Year 3 Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs Collison, Year 3 Teacher
Picture 22 Mrs L Read, Year 3 Teacher
Picture 23 Mr Lake, Year 4 Teacher
Picture 24 Miss Jackson, Year 4 Teacher
Picture 25 Mrs Longley, Year 4 Teacher
Picture 26 Miss Hudson, Year 5 Teacher (Maternity Cover)
Picture 27 Mrs Pascoe, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 28 Miss Goodson. Year 6 Teacher
Picture 29 Mrs Bateman, Year 6 Teacher
Picture 30 Miss Luce, Year 6 Teacher

North Walsham Junior, Infant School and Nursery Federation Who’s who in our schools (2018-2019)

Senior Leadership Team:

Executive Head Teacher - Mrs. Jo Read         

Executive Deputy Head – Mrs. Gill Finch

Inclusion Leader/SENCO- Mrs. Jenny Wyant      

EYFS Acting Phase Leader – Mrs. Sally Seymour     

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader -Mrs. Jackie Hallam (Years 1&2)       

Year Group Leader (3) – Ms. Charlene Lentz                                           

Year Group Leader (4) – Mrs. Emma McGuinness

Year Group Leader (5) –Mrs. Jane Hunt                                                   

Year Group Leader (6) Mrs. Anna Bristow

If you would like to speak to any of these staff, then please enquire at the school office for their availability

Mr East is our Chair of Governors.

He can also be contacted via the school office.


North Walsham Infant School Staff Team:

Nursery                                      Miss Amy Nixon/Mrs. Cherry Lesnik

Fox Class                                   Mrs. Kim Dack/Mrs. Tracy Bailey

Hedgehog Class                    Ms. Jane Clayton/ Mrs. Lysa Shuttleworth-Hobbs

Squirrel Class                         Mrs. Sally Seymour/Mrs. Wendy Cowley

Panda Class                              Mrs. Tab Sims/Miss Paula Johnson

Lion Class                                  Mr. Tom Smith/Miss Rachel Throupe 

Elephant Class                       Miss Lauren Stearman/Mrs.Wendy Brown

Owl Class                                  Mr. Gavin Morgan/Mrs. Bev Leeder/Mrs. Nicky Fiszer

Kangaroos Class                    Mrs. Jackie Hallam/Mrs. Wardle/Miss Natasha Morris

Tiger Class                               Mrs. Annabel Price/Mrs. Mary Emerson 


EYFS Teaching Assistant    Mrs. Helen Burdett


ICT Technician                        Mr. Dave Faccenda-Tait


Admin Team                              Mrs. Carolle Robinson

                                                        Mrs. Sarah Wright

                                                        Mrs.  Sarah Dowe

                                                        Mrs. Jane Godden

                                                        Mrs. Sheryl Isbell


North Walsham Junior School Staff Team:

3CR                                             Mrs. Lucy Read/ Ms. Charlotte Collison/Mr. Dale Gayfer

3L                                                 Ms. Charlene Lentz/Mrs. Lynda East

3B                                                 Mrs. Ann-Marie Tibble/Mrs. Rebecca Owen

4J                                                 Mrs. Sarah Longley/Miss Shereen Jackson/Mrs. Laura Cowell

4MC                                            Mrs. Emma McGuinness/Mrs. Helen Dunger

4L                                                 Mr. Richard Lake/Mrs. Margery Moreton/Mrs. Colleen Covell

5P                                                 Mrs. Katie Pascoe/Mrs. Rachel McCann

5WH                                           Mrs. Nathalie Wild Hicks/Mrs. Lucy Mills

5H                                                Mrs. Jane Hunt /Mrs. Laura Vann

6G                                                Miss Georgia Goodson/Mrs. Mandy Welsh

6LB                                              Miss Jo Luce/Mrs. Jo Bateman/Mr. David Ballard

6B                                                Mrs. Anna Bristow/Miss Emily Sims


KS2 Teaching Assistants    Mrs. Shelley Vout

                                                        Mrs. Laura Rebbeck

                                                        Miss Tanya Dyckhoff

                                                        Mrs. Georgina Peck


ICT Technician                        Mr. David Faccenda-Tait


Librarian                                   Mrs. Susan Wallace


Admin Team                            Mrs. Sue Emerson

                                                      Mrs. Kelly Sayer

                                                      Mrs. Sarah Dowe

                                                      Mrs. Sheryl Isbell

                                                      Mrs. Kirsti Flack