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The Federation of North WalshamInfant and Junior Schools

After-School Clubs

The school is fully committed to the safety and security of all the children in its wraparound extracurricular clubs; therefore, several procedures are in place for when children arrive at a breakfast or after-school club:

Breakfast club

  • Parents drop their child off at the breakfast club, which takes place in the Junior School Hall.
  • Attendance is recorded in the breakfast club’s register.
  • A member of the school staff will collect pupils from the breakfast club and escort them to their respective classes.
  • The staff member collecting the pupils will be informed of any pupils that did not attend the breakfast club as expected; the school will follow its Attendance Policy if the whereabouts of those pupils remain unknown after registration is called.

After-school clubs

The collection point is the assembly hall in each school.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will be escorted to the club by their class teachers/support staff and recorded in the after-school club’s register upon arrival, whilst older pupils will find their own way. If a pupil arrives at the collection point, but is not on the register, a staff member will check with the school office and the parent before turning the pupil away.

Where there are children booked to attend the club, but they have not arrived, the club staff contact the school office who will call the children’s parents and class teacher immediately.

Where parents cannot be contacted, and the whereabouts of any children remains unknown, the club will follow its emergency procedures, outlined in the Extended Services Policy.

Parents using external childcare providers outside of the school premises (e.g. Kidzone) must make their own arrangements to get their children from the school site to the external provider; school staff cannot escort children from school.

The school has the following procedures in place for when children leave an after-school:

Upon registration to the school, parents will complete an Authorised Person Information Collection Form, which outlines: The names and contact numbers of any individuals authorised to collect their children from the club on their behalf.

If someone other than the person registered is collecting the child, staff must be notified by the registered person at least half an hour in advance. The registered person must also provide a description of the individual.

If the registered person is running late, staff must be notified before the end of the collection period by the registered person. If no notification is received, the club will follow the procedures outlined in the Extended Services policy. Children in years 5 and 6 can leave the premises unaccompanied if written permission is given by the parent. Children in Reception to Year 4 are not permitted to leave the premises unaccompanied.

Children's University Passport

Many of the pupils of the Federation of North Walsham Junior, Infant School and Nursery are active participants in the Norfolk Children’s University. The Children's University encourages children aged 5 to 14 to try new experiences, develop new interests, acquire new skills and  discover innovative and creative learning outside the normal school day, which boosts their self-confidence and love of learning.

Through the Passport to Learning, we aim to encourage children to take part in extra learning in our schools (extra-curricular), in out of school clubs, and also to enjoy everything on offer across the county in places like our museums, libraries and outside venues.

As children show that they want to learn by choosing to do these extra things, we celebrate their achievements with certificates and special Graduation Days at the University of East Anglia.