The schools remain open to the children of Key Workers and those who are vulnerable.

North Walsham Junior,Infant School and Nursery Federation

Home Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic

Google Classroom Support

You have all taken home your Home Learning packs. These contain information about how to access your lessons online. Nursery and Reception will be using Class Dojo to do this but children in Years 1 to 6 will be using Google Classroom. 


How to help your child in accessing Google Classroom

Whilst the school is closed during term time, teachers will be working from home to prepare daily work for your child. All our children have practised using Google Classroom at school, but they may need support and supervision especially at the start of each day. Classwork will be set each day 9am and should be completed by 3pm so that teachers can respond to it.

 All children must complete their daily tasks so that they don’t fall behind on their learning.

Logging on

Navigate to

Type in your child’s username and the password (found on a sticker on the front of their exercise book) here:


You will then be taken to this page, repeat. Type in your child’s username and password:


Once you’re into Google Classroom, click on your child’s class:


Completing tasks each day

Stream: this is where your teacher will post announcements for the class:


Classwork: this is the tab you’ll use the most as it’s where you’ll find the daily tasks:


Click on each task to read about and complete that classwork:

  • There will be at least 3 different tasks each day: English, Maths and Other Subjects;
  • You may have a question to type a response to;
  • You may have to complete an online quiz about some work you’ve covered this year in class;
  • You may have an assignment to do in your exercise book.

All work must be finished by 3pm so that teachers can respond to any online work. Some of the work may be completed in your exercise book which should be brought back into school on the first day back so that your teacher can see your completed work.


Teachers can be contacted on Class Dojo during this time if you have any issues.


If you've signed onto your child's Google Classroom and are having trouble finding their class, you may need to double-check that you're not logged on in your own gmail account, as this often stays logged in. To fix this, log out of your account and sign into your child's Google Classroom account from the start.