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Our curriculum is all-encompassing; it is everything your child experiences from the moment they enter the school gates. So above all, we want it to be memorable; we want them to have memorable experiences and we want them to remember the skills, knowledge and facts that we teach them. 


At North Walsham Junior, Infant School and Nursery Schools, our curriculum is based upon the statutory requirements set out in the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. However, it is not limited by this and staff work hard to provide a broader range of experiences and learning, tailored to meet the children's needs.


We have taken lessons from cognitive science to ensure that children commit their learning to their long-term memory. We know from research, that the more often we ask children to recall the information they have learned, the more likely it is that it will be stored in their long-term memories.

That's why our curriculum has the following features:


  • Exciting topics which enable children to make links across all curriculum subjects
  • Visits, visitors and experiences which bring topics to life 
  • Curriculum content presented on Knowledge Organisers
  • Regular, low-stakes quizzes encourage regular recall of facts
  • Strategies such as the Leitner System provide children with a revision and recall model


Reading is the backbone of the curriculum. All children are taught to become fluent readers, able to access all curriculum subjects independently before they leave KS1. We teach phonics (the sounds that letters make), reading and writing through a scheme called Read Write Inc.

Because this scheme has been so successful for us, we are a Model School. 


All staff ensure that, throughout the curriculum they teach, children are encouraged to ask questions to find out more and debate issues with others. By adding this dimension to the planned learning, we are able to provide opportunities for key skills to develop across the curriculum and to cultivate creative thinking in our pupils.We put great emphasis on pupils' oracy development- they need to be able to speak their mind, think things through aloud, hold an opinion and communicate effectively.


What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum content here.