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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Our pupils also use an online reading programme to help us and parents check their reading development. This is called Accelerated Reader and is free to access at home for parents. Accelerated Reader is used for pupils in Year 2 to Year 6. Parents will be able to check the books their child has read and how well they scored on a quiz to check their understanding.

At its heart, Accelerated Reader is simple. A pupil reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback to how well they have understood the book. Pupils should then respond to this regular, individualised feedback about their performance and will be motivated to make progress with their reading skills, focusing on the areas identified for them personally. We encourage children to select a range of genres and to read both fiction and non-fiction books.


Monitoring pupils' reading

Pupils develop reading skills most effectively when they read appropriately challenging books – difficult enough to keep them engaged but not so difficult that they become frustrated. The importance of daily personalised reading practice cannot be overstated. Recent studies indicate that when pupils spend 25 minutes a day reading suitably challenging books which they successfully comprehend (demonstrated by achieving 90% or more on the Accelerated Reader reading practice quiz), then they will achieve optimal reading age growth. This is the power of personalised practice.


How to access Accelerated Reader

Parents will also be given an individual password to log in with so they can also monitor their child’s progress from home. Please contact your child’s teacher to find out more about this.