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The Federation of North WalshamInfant and Junior Schools

How well are we achieving our aims?

In order to assess how well the schools are meeting the aims of their curricula, a quality assurance framework is in place. 

The key features of this are the following:

  • Moderation and standardisation of our assessment data, both in-school and externally
  • Assessment systems which give national benchmarking data, such as PiRA, PUMA and No More Marking Writing Assessments
  • Regular monitoring of the quality of education by the Senior Leadership Team and external advisors, including reviewing the curriculum intent, monitoring the sequence/scheme of learning in different subjects, 'pupil book study', visits to lessons, talking to teachers and talking to pupils.
  • Half-termly School Improvement Visits by the Trust. 
  • Termly updates of progress against the milestones in the Federation Improvement and Development Plan
  • Read, Write Inc. monitoring visits
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of attendance data
  • Pupil surveys
  • Parent surveys
  • Staff wellbeing surveys
  • Pupil coaching interviews
  • Analysis of termly data 
  • Analysis of behaviour and pastoral information
  • Governors' meetings
  • Meetings of the Parent Council