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The Federation of North WalshamInfant and Junior Schools

Rewards and Behaviour

At the Federation of North Walsham Infant and Junior Schools we aim high to achieve the best possible standards in learning, teaching and behaviour.


All members of the school community should understand and follow the principles of this policy:


  • All members of the school community should show respect for one another


  • Good behaviour and positive attitudes should always be acknowledged and rewarded


  • Appropriate action should be taken to reduce the risk of poor behaviour occurring, including preventative planning and ongoing risk assessment


  • Sanctions for unacceptable behaviour should always be applied consistently and issued as soon as possible


  • Staff will always consider meeting pupil needs holistically, including ensuring from the outset, effective teaching and learning, appropriate physical and emotional care and through partnerships with other agencies


  • Our approach to promoting appropriate behaviours for effective learning is rooted in ‘Norfolk Steps’ philosophy and practice


  • All members of the school community are entitled to learn and work in a safe and secure environment


  • Pupils should conform to the consistent expectations set for them in school; they should be ready, respectful and safe at all times


  • All school staff should model positive behaviour and promote the active development of pupils’ social and emotional development and behavioural skills