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The Federation of North WalshamInfant and Junior Schools

Lunch Menus

Queen's Jubilee Week Lunch Menu

Revised Lunch Menu for Summer Term

Change of Menu for Thursday, Week One


Please note that the creamy chicken and leek pie has been replaced with chicken goujons.

The Vegetarian Option will now be veggie burgers instead of chinese style noodles.

Change of Menu for Wednesday 20th April


The hot choice will be Sausage Roast instead of Roast Chicken.

Lunch Menu for Summer Term

Menu change for Thursday 20th/Friday 21st January 2022

There will be a menu swap for Thursday/Friday this week:

Thursdays choice will now be:

Fish fingers, chips, baked beans or garden peas

Vegetable lasagne, chips, baked beans or garden peas

Fresh fruit platter, fruit yoghurt or fruit jelly

Fridays choice will now be:

Pork meatballs in a tomato sauce with wholemeal pasta

Cheese & tomato quiche with rustic potatoes

Broccoli & sweetcorn

Fruit crumble with custard



Lunch Menu for Spring Term

Change of Menu Thursday 21st October

Please note there is change to the menu on Thursday this week, the option will now be :

Fish & Chips

Cheese & red pepper frittata (V)

Served with baked beans or mushy peas (v)

Banana bread

Change of Menu for Monday October 11th October 

The hot choice will be Ham pizza and not pepperoni.

Change of Menu for Thursday/Friday 7th and 8th October


Please note that the menus for Thursday and Friday this week have been swapped therefore:-

Thursday - fish fingers and chips, cauliflower and brocolli in cheese sauce, blueberry cupcakes

Friday - sweet and sour chicken with rice, vegetable buritto with rice, strawberry ice cream and watermelon

Lunch Menu for Autumn Term

Harrisons provide the catering service for us- their company website is here:


Infant meals are free.


Junior meals are £2.30 per day. Payments must be made in advance to the school via Wise Pay, and we regret no credits can be given. This means that you must have paid for your child's meal before they eat it, otherwise the office staff will have to ring you in the morning and ask you to either collect your child for a home lunch, or bring in a packed lunch for your child or the money for a hot dinner. This seems harsh but the reality is we cannot afford to pay for the regular 10 meals daily that we are asked to provide, by families who fail to pay for the meals their child eats.


Some families will be entitled to Free Schoool Meals for their children. Please ask at the office for a form. (The children won't know!)


Children have the daily choice of 4 meals and they can select their meal on a daily basis-there is no weeks-ahead pre-ordering required!